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DAV Public School, MCL, Ananta Vihar, established in the year 1998 has created several stories of exemplary success and has many a reason to smile. It is not located in the heart of a city but definitely is the heart throb of the Coal City of Orissa.

DAV Ananta Vihar is a legend by itself. Away from the madding crowd and hustle and bustle of city life, DAV Ananta, with its jealously guarded enchanting and enticing lawn, lounges in an atmosphere of serenity & tranquility. Meticulous career building, distinct discipline and integral intelligentsia - all put together to a fantastic coordination make up DAV Ananta. Arguably the best in the district and one of the best schools in Orissa, its saga of success is a concept by itself. Be it the excellence in academics, or the sizzling sports graph or even the unbelievable CCA graph, DAV Ananta is a trend setter.The ever increasing student strength which,for us, is the parents' confidence,sharply tells about the worth & wonder of DAV Ananta.

With an envy begetting strength of 1230 & an astounding man power of 60, the school campus puffs up during the hours of activity.Since we believe that there is sky beyond the stars, we keep going, we keep growing and keep glowing.


  1. To imbibe amongst children the basic and fundamental values of life like Truth, Honesty and Love for the country and fellow- feeling for others.
  2. To enable the children to have respect for elders and youngsters alike and love for the cultural heritage of the country and work for its unity and integrity.
  3. To provide full opportunity to children for flowering of their personality and for bringing out their talents.
  4. To provide a harmonious development of 3H i.e. Head, Hand and Heart and inculcate in them the dignity of labour.
  5. To provide vocational education and training according to the needs and aspirations of society.
  6. To prepare students for facing the challenges of tomorrow.

The DAV Mission

The DAV Organisation believes not only in providing education of the best quality to the students but also harnessing the budding minds at their formative years, so as to facilitate them with the best opportunities to learn and explore into the world of knowledge . Creating bonafide citizens for the future and more importantly creating better and truly enriched human beings is another magnificent motto of the DAV Organisation. No wonder, we believe in its letter and spirit. By making the students understand their responsibility towards others and towards our planet, DAV has added another feather in its "already -feathered "cap. The DAV College Trust and Managing Committee was established with two shaping objectives ; propagating the message of the Vedas along with the progressive views of Maharshi Dayanand and imparting the latest information in the field of education and science and technology. The DAV spirit inspires one to forget the oft quoted "The east is east and the west is west; never the twain shall meet" since in DAV, the TWAIN HAVE MET. Reclamation ensures recognition.

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Phone : 06760-269201
E-Mail : davav_om@yahoo.co.in


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